State Council Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai Visits Fast Group

On July 6, 2016, the CPC Central Committee Politburo member and Vice Premier of the State Council Ma Kai were the Standing Committee Member of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Governor Yao Yinliang, Deputy Secretary of the Xi'an Municipal Committee, Mayor Shangguan Ji Qing, Executive Vice Chairman of the China Automobile Industry Association Dong Yang and other countries. Accompanied by relevant leaders of ministries and commissions, provinces and cities, they visited the Xi'an Hi-tech Plant of the Fast Group to conduct a study and study, detailedly learned about the new energy product development planning of Fast, gave a high evaluation of the company's innovation and development performance, and encouraged companies to continue to do a good job The research and development of energy products and independent innovation contribute to the development of the national automobile industry.
Ma Kai, Vice Premier of the State Council, visited the Xi'an High-tech Factory of Fast Group Ma Kai, Vice Premier of the State Council, visited the Xi'an High-tech Factory of Fast Group

Chairman of the group company, Party Secretary Yan Jianbo, General Manager Ma Xuyao ​​and other leaders welcomed the arrival of Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai and accompanied him to the company's Automotive Drive Engineering Research Institute.

In-depth visit to the company's Automotive Drive Engineering Research Institute In-depth visit to the company's Automotive Drive Engineering Research Institute

In the Institute's product exhibition hall, Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai detailedly inquired about the development, performance and quality of Fast's production and operation and new energy products, especially new energy sources such as AT, AMT, hydraulic retarder and wheel reducer. Intelligent products are extremely concerned.

Before the wheel reducer and the new energy transmission booth, Chairman Yan Jianbo reported that the wheel reducer is a product tailored specifically for large city buses and high-end medium-sized passenger vehicles. Compared with traditional products, it has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, and high transmission efficiency. At present, it has been supporting bus lines and commercial vehicles in many urban areas. The market has broad prospects for development. After hearing the introduction of Yan Jianbo’s Chairman, Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai highly affirmed the innovation achievements of the vast number of scientific and technological personnel and Fast's efforts in new energy products. He encouraged enterprises to make persistent efforts to lead the development of industry technology and continue to innovate independently. Product research and development made great efforts to deepen supply-side reforms and strive to create a new situation in the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Everywhere, Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai carefully learned about the science and technology R&D, process improvement, and market expansion of the company. The scientific and technical personnel’s impression of a spirited, positive and progressive mental outlook is particularly impressive. When he heard that Fast was developed from a third-line enterprise that was previously insolvent to becoming the industry leader today, all business indicators ranked first in China's gear industry for 13 consecutive years, and annual sales of heavy-duty transmissions ranked the world’s No. 1 for ten consecutive years. I. When leading the industry in the transformation, upgrade and development, and occupying the commanding heights of technology, Vice Premier Ma Kai expressed his heartfelt admiration and spoke highly of the achievements made in corporate management innovation, technological innovation, cultural innovation, and product innovation development.

During the inspection process, Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai was also very concerned about the future development of the company. Chairman Yan Jianbo reported on the company's future development plan. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, Fast has seized the strategic opportunities of the “One Belt, One Road” and “Made in China 2025” to focus on the “5221” corporate strategic goals and comprehensively accelerate the development of intelligent, new energy and internationalization of enterprises. Efforts will be made to achieve the creation of China's manufacturing industry in China, the speed of China's development in China, and the development of Chinese products in China. It is hoped that the country will continue to increase its support for new energy and intelligent products, help enterprises to become better and stronger, and contribute to the development of China's manufacturing industry.

After listening to the report, Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai pointed out that the equipment manufacturing industry is the backbone of a country's manufacturing industry. The automobile industry is a pillar industry of the country. The future direction of new energy development conforms to the country's “five development concepts” and must accelerate the development of new energy automobile related industries. Promote the transformation and upgrading of the national automobile industry, and further seize the commanding heights of international competition. Fast has taken the lead in the design and production of new energy transmission system products, and has made achievements in breaking through the core technology and the constraints of key components. It is hoped that Fast will conscientiously implement the national support policies and upgrade independent innovation capabilities and technologies. At the same level, we will continue to increase the development of new energy markets, take the road of scientific, healthy and sustainable development, and inject new impetus into the revitalization of the national automobile industry. Fast has set an example for state-owned enterprises, new energy industries, and equipment manufacturing industries, and is proud of national brands. It is necessary to further strengthen the confidence and determination to become stronger and better, and to achieve world-class strategic goals, enhance the self-confidence and pride of the self-owned brands, allow national brands to go international, and push China to become a big country and a powerful nation in modern equipment manufacturing.

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