Technical transformation and upgrade of air compressor

1Technical condition The instrument air system mainly includes 2 Sullair screw air compressors, model LS12 - 50H. The machine has high automation and good self-control performance. The rated exhaust pressure is 611 m 3 / min and the rated working pressure is 017. MPa.2 air cooler, 2 exhaust fans, and a 12 m 3 surge tank are responsible for providing continuous instrument wind to the production unit. In the system, the air cooler motor has been interlocked with the air compressor motor. The air compressor has good self-control performance, and has the functions of “delayed shutdown” and “self-starting”, that is, when the tank pressure is higher than the unloading pressure (pressure upper limit), the air compressor is started when the tank pressure is lower than the loading pressure (lower pressure limit). Use this function to achieve full automation of the air compressor.

First select the appropriate operating parameters for the air compressor. The operating pressure of the regulating valve is generally about 012 MPa, and the operating pressure of the solenoid valve of the dryer is 013 MPa. Considering the production stability, the lower limit of the pressure tank is set to 014 MPa, and the upper limit of the pressure is set to the rated work of the air compressor. Pressure 017 MPa.2 Field test before transformation After setting the operating parameters, the air compressor is stopped when the tank pressure is higher than 017 MPa, and the wind energy of the instrument in the surge tank is maintained at normal production for about 8 minutes; when the tank pressure drops to 014 MPa, the air pressure The machine runs automatically. Because the high-pressure instrument wind in the tank maintains the production time too short, the air compressor frequently starts and stops, which is not conducive to the stable operation of the equipment.

3 Modifications (1) Add 2 surge tanks (formerly natural gas storage tanks, 1 12 m 3 , 1 27 m 3 , currently idle), and use pipelines to connect with the original instrument wind pipeline; (2) Reconstruction 2 The exhaust fan control circuit makes the exhaust fan interlock with the operating state of the air compressor, that is, the exhaust fan starts when the air compressor starts, and the exhaust fan stops when the air compressor stops; (3) reform the dryer control circuit to make the dryer It is interlocked with the operating state of the air compressor. When the air compressor is stopped, the solenoid valve of the dryer is closed to reduce the gas loss, and the dryer operates when the air compressor is started.

4 After the transformation, the on-site experimental effect operation process, when the air compressor pressure is higher than 017 MPa, the air compressor idles for 1 min and then stops. The high-pressure instrument wind energy stored in the three surge tanks meets the production for more than 90 min; the air compressor pressure Below 014 MPa, the air compressor automatically runs after 15 s. After 30 minutes of operation, the tank pressure is pressurized from 014 MPa to 017 MPa, and the air compressor is stopped.

In this way, the air compressor running time is shortened by 3/4, and only 6 hours per day can be used to meet the instrument wind required for production. Correspondingly, the running time of the air cooler motor and the exhaust fan is also shortened by 3/4.

5 Energy-saving effect and production promotion and application 511 Main workload (1) Analyze the production air volume of the instrument, determine the volume of the gas storage tank and the transformation plan;

(2) Decontamination, anti-corrosion and detection of 2 gas storage tanks; (3) 2 gas storage tanks are connected with the original instrument air pipeline, and the pipeline interface is tested for leaks; (4) The exhaust fan control circuit is modified, and the air compressor is controlled. Line interlocking; (5) Renovation of the control line of the dryer, interlocked with the control line of the air compressor; (6) Optimize the operating parameters of the air compressor and observe whether the pressure of the gas tank can start the regulating valve normally.

512 investment of 017.25 million yuan (1) DN80 safety valve 2 meter 3,000 yuan (2) DN80 valve 2 meter 2150 yuan (3) Φ80 × 415 pipeline 60m meter 1400 yuan (4) electrical components meter 500 yuan (5) other calculations Before the energy saving effect of 200 yuan 513 was reformed, the air compressor, air cooler and exhaust fan operated 7 920 h per year; after the transformation, the air compressor, air cooler and exhaust fan operated only 1/4 of the original time, only 1 980 per year. h, power consumption is greatly reduced.

In 514, the amount of material saved (1) saved 561.43 million kWh per year; after the transformation, the equipment running time decreased, and the running energy consumption decreased. The operating time of air compressor, air cooler and exhaust fan decreased from 7 920 h to 1 980 h, and the annual energy saving was (50 + 30 + 715 × 2) × (7 920 - 1 980) = 56.143 million kWh The standard coal coefficient is 4104 (t/10,000 kWh), and the annual standard coal consumption is 56143×4104 = 227198 t(2). 6 oil filters, 3 air filters and 115 oil separators are saved.

According to the air compressor maintenance and repair regulations, the air filter must be replaced after 1 000 h of air compressor operation. The air filter must be replaced after 2 000 hours of operation. The oil separator must be replaced after 4 000 hours of operation. Specific savings in equipment accessories and costs.

The economic benefit of 515 years was 371.76 million yuan (1). The economic benefit of saving electricity was 331.86 million yuan, calculated according to the industrial electricity consumption of 0160 yuan per year. The annual electricity consumption was 561.43 million kWh × 016 yuan / kWh = 33.186 million yuan; (2) Annual savings of air compressor parts and maintenance costs of 3.19 million yuan; (3) total of 33186 + 319 = 371.76 million yuan.

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