The first high-rise water pump is available in Ning.

Water supply for high-rise buildings with more than one hundred floors will not need to be turned over again. Users at the top floor need not worry about insufficient water pressure. The first high-rise Water Pump in China was successfully developed in Nanjing Liuhe Gulze Pump Co., Ltd. in Luhe District yesterday.

It is known that Nanjing Gulze Pump Co., Ltd., known as the national key project for the production of long axis deep well pumps such as the Three Gorges Project, Gezhouba Project, and Xiaolangdi Project, has tackled the technical problem of water supply to high-rise buildings. At the beginning of the year, it introduced the most advanced PA series pump manufacturing technology from Austria. Combining years of experience in pump manufacturing technology, boldly improving components such as pump shafts, impellers, and pump housings. After six months of research and development, it finally produced the first high-rise water pump in China.

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The power range of VIGOROUS Diesel Genset Powered By SHANGCHAI is from 50kw to 800kw.
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For better meet users' demands, alternator by options, like Stamford, Marathon, Faraday and other brands.
Type: soundproof, open, rainproof, mobile power station and container.
8-24 hours base fuel tank. 
Rugged structure ensures lowest vibration.
Operation easy and safety. Design, production and testing of VIGOROUS Shangchai Engine Generator comply with ISO& CE safety standard. There are circuit breaker and other protection parts.

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