The importance of vibrometer in the future development of the enterprise

The vibrometer is tested on the bearing and axial end points of the main facility, and is equipped with an on-site inspection record table. Each time the measuring points must correspond to each other. The inspection cycle of the vibrometer is to be measured twice a week after the facility has been overhauled or near to overhaul, and once a month during normal operation; if there is a significant change between the measured value and the last measured value, the test density should be increased. , to prevent sudden failure and cause breakdowns. The vibrometer is used in conjunction with other detection instruments to facilitate the analysis of the operational status of the equipment. Such as vibrometer with oil analyzer, motor fault detector, alignment instrument and other instruments used to more accurately determine the operation of the equipment.
The vibrometer is generally piezoelectric, which can be divided into two types: 1 compression; 2 shear vibrometer is designed using the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal and artificially polarized ceramic (PZT). When quartz crystals or artificially polarized ceramics are subjected to mechanical stress, a charge is generated on the surface, and the size of the charge density formed is in a strictly linear relationship with the magnitude of the applied mechanical stress. At the same time, the mechanical stress received is proportional to the acceleration value when the sensitive mass is constant. Under certain conditions, the charge generated by the piezoelectric crystal is proportional to the sensed acceleration. The vibrometer is equipped with printing, which can print the measured value immediately. The vibrometer also has a memory function (10 measurements can be stored) and an under-voltage indication function, as well as a date setting function.

Vibrometers perform state tests on equipment, although they cannot be used as the only basis for equipment overhaul cycles, but they are necessary as reference conditions. Because of the low speed of pumps, fans and other equipment, the damage caused by vibration is not unique. For example, there are no problems with the vibrometer, but the impeller is seriously corroded and an overhaul is required. Therefore, the determination of equipment overhaul cycle should be comprehensively considered from the aspects of vibration meter test results, equipment operation time and efficiency.
Vibrometer test, as a means of acceptance after equipment overhaul is also very necessary. It should be pointed out that since the equipment is of different ages, the inspection value of its acceptance shall not be uniformly stipulated. It shall be based on the test value before the overhaul of the pump group being accepted and the inspection value after acceptance of the repaired value shall not be used. Uniform regulations should be based on the inspection value of the pump group before acceptance, and the revised value should be lower than the pre-repair value. In addition, the application of vibrometer can also find the installation of the pump group (including poor alignment, loose anchor bolts long-term operation), as well as the pump cavitation phenomenon.
To realize the modernization of equipment management, enterprises should actively promote advanced equipment management methods and adopt equipment maintenance techniques based on equipment condition monitoring. Equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis techniques are prerequisites for preventive maintenance of equipment. In particular, heavy industry companies have strong work continuity and high requirements for safety and reliability. Through the promotion of condition monitoring, it is possible to gradually grasp the working status of large and medium-sized equipment such as pumps and fans to prevent accidental losses.
In recent years, many companies use pulsed vibrometers, oil analyzers, multi-channel chronographs, and other instruments to monitor the status of their equipment. Due to the lack of standardized management and technical guidance, after the instrument is delivered to the workshop, it is difficult to carry out this task because of different technical levels, unstable performance of the instrument itself, and inconvenient operations. However, after a period of exploration, each branch company of China Aluminum Corporation implemented a device inspection, introduced many advanced instruments, applied the vibration detector to the equipment status, played an important role in equipment maintenance, and promoted equipment management. Work to a new level.

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