Tianjin port port handling equipment will have big demand

The Key Project of South-to-North Coal Transfer in Tianjin Port--Foundation Foundation of Bulk Goods Flow Center Railway. This lays a good foundation for Tianjin Port to achieve 100 million tons of big ports this year. Tianjin Port's bulk cargo flow center covers an area of ​​12 square kilometers and its starting area is 6 square kilometers. It is located in the Nanjiang cross-sea railway and highway dual-purpose bridge in Tianjin Port Nanjiang Port Area. South side. After the completion of the center, the annual turnover of 40 million tons of coal reserves, which can basically meet the needs of Tianjin Port north coal southward. The annual throughput of Tianjin Port has reached more than 95 million tons, of which about half of the throughput comes from coal and coke and other cargo types. Most of the original loading and unloading of coal was placed on the Beijiang Port area, which caused serious pollution to the environment of the urban areas and the port areas. Therefore, the Tianjin Port Authority decided to implement the North Coal Transfer Policy, and built a 35,000-ton coal terminal and a coke port in the Nanjiang Port area, and transferred all the coal handling in the Beijiang Port area to southern Xinjiang.
The logistics center laid a foundation for the construction of the railway recently completed 14.22 kilometers of track, a total investment of 180 million yuan. The railway was completed in June this year and is connected with the Da-Gang Railway, which is in line with the Tianjin Port's 10 million-ton coal-to-sea project. At that time, the coal in western China can be exported directly through here, and the Tianjin Port Logistics Center will build an 11 km long closed promenade belt transport system where the coal will be loaded onto ocean-going shipping vessels through transport corridors. Tianjin Port Logistics Center will also start operations in June this year. It is expected that there will be great demand for port handling machinery after it is fully completed.
(Tianjin Daily)
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