To ensure the flotation time adjustment of the flotation slot

In order to ensure the flotation time, it is necessary to increase the number of slots of the flotation machine or increase the section size of the trough.

If the groove depth of the flotation machine is too small, the path of bubble mineralization is shortened, and the foam layer is prone to tumbling.

From the perspective of increasing the amount of charge and reducing the amount of electrical energy, it is desirable to use a smaller groove depth.

The flotation tank of the flotation machine has two types of indirect and inflow type, indirect flotation tank, and there is an intermediate chamber between the tank and the tank. The slurry is controlled by the gate from one tank to the next, and is sucked by the impeller. The slurry tube is inhaled, so the slurry flow rate is limited.

The direct flow flotation tank, the trough is collided, there is no intermediate chamber, the ore can flow through the largest cross section of the flotation trough, and the passing capacity is large, so the direct current type can improve the production capacity of the flotation machine, and It is easy to realize automatic control of the flotation machine, but the liquid level of the DC flotation machine is not easy to adjust.

At present, most flotation machines have an intermediate chamber with several slots, so that they have the advantages of both direct current and indirect.

The tank of the flotation machine is generally square, and usually has a circular or other shape. The flotation tank can be scraped on both sides according to the side of the foam.

The bottom of the flotation cell of the flotation machine is usually equipped with a plurality of vertical flow plates. The function of the steady flow plate is to reduce the speed of the slurry coming out of the impeller and change its direction of movement, so that many small eddies are formed at the bottom of the groove, so that the ore particles remain in suspension and increase the chance of contact between the ore particles and the bubbles.

The shape of the flow plate may be radial, curved or otherwise. In the flotation cell, not all spaces have bubbles, but only those volumes containing bubbles are mineralized, so this volume is called the effective volume. The effective volume of the flotation machine is related to the agitation mechanism and the flow stabilization device.

Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Mould includes automotive dashboard Plastic Injection Mould, automotive interior console plastic injection mould, automotive A, B, C pillar mould, automotive air conditioner plastic mould, automotive seat plastic injection mould and all other interior plastic accessories mould.

Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Mould Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Mould

Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Mould Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Mould


Q1: What tolerances can you achieve for Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Mould?

There is not a given set of tolerances that fits all processes and materials. In every case, the final tolerances on your part will depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Part size
  • Design geometry
  • The number, type, and size of features
  • Material(s)
  • Surface finish
  • Manufacturing process

We will review your design and provide a design for manufacturing review, pointing out any areas where we may not be able to achieve your desired tolerances. It`s helpful to us if you can specify which areas in your design have critical tolerances that must be met and which can be slightly modified if needed to reduce time and costs involved.

Q2: How do you ensure your Automotive interior plastic mould quality?  

In order to deliver high-quality parts every time, we`ve instituted the following steps to ensure you get parts that meet and exceed your expectations.

  • A full design for manufacturing (DFM) review upon initial inquiry. This will be performed by our skilled engineering team, who will alert you to any issues before work begins.
  • All incoming material (metal and plastic) is 100% inspected using our in-house metrology equipment.
  • In-process and first article inspection.
  • Comprehensive final inspection with a full report.

Q3: Is the lead time in working days or calendar days?     

Lead times are quoted in working days. As per our terms and conditions, quoted lead times commence only after completion and confirmation of design for manufacturing review and the beginning of actual production.

Q4: How long does a quotation take?    

In most cases, we respond within a couple of days of receiving an RFQ. However, there may be situations when we must source material from an external supply and therefore the quotation may be delayed accordingly.

Q5: What is the difference between a multi-cavity mold and a family mold?    

A multi-cavity mold has multiple cavities of the same part; a family mold produces a set. For instance, for an electronic enclosure, you may need a front, back, battery door, and a button. Those could all be molded at once in a family mold.

Q6: How long does it take to build an Automotive air conditioner injection mold?

Depending on complexity and our tool room load, it can range from 2 to 12 weeks.

Q7: Can I modify the mold after the first run?    

We can modify our steel molds by additional machining, fill-in welding, welding in additional material, or inserting a replacement feature, for a reasonable cost. If the changes are too great, however, producing a new mold may be more cost-effective than reworking the existing one.

Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Mould

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