To prevent the outdoor LED display from leaking, it should be installed like this.

LED electronic displays will face many challenges if the environment is outdoors. The led display will be affected by the bad weather such as high temperature, cold wave, strong wind and rain. If you do not do the work in these aspects, the safe operation of the display will be impossible. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to install the LED electronic display to avoid leakage.
1, add back plate to seal the sealant
There are a lot of friends in order to save trouble, when installing outdoor led display, do not add backing board or backing board does not sealant, so that for a long time, electronic components will enter the water, and the LED display will have problems over time. The most feared of electronic components is water. Once the water enters the line, it will inevitably lead to the burning of the line. These problems that can be solved easily cannot be ignored.
2, leaking water
If the LED electronic display and the backboard are tightly combined, the water leakage is required below; the so-called water leakage is used to leak water. No matter how close the front and back of the LED display are, the water is more or less watery. If there is no water leakage hole in the lower mouth, the water will accumulate over time. If the water leaks, the water will be Flowing away, this can play a very good waterproof effect, and it is also beneficial to extend the service life of the led display.
3. The right route
When installing the LED electronic display, the plug wiring should use the appropriate wire, generally follow the principle of Ningda not small, that is, calculate the total power of the led display, select a slightly larger wire, try not to use just or too small wires This is very easy to cause the line to burn, thus affecting the safe operation of the led display.

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