Trends and Analysis of Monopolistic Trends in the Waste Paper Packer Market

In recent years, China's packaged machinery industry has achieved rapid development, but it has also presented some low-level repeated establishment of the scene. According to material statistics, the world's packaging machinery reached USD 29 billion in 2005, and it is estimated that it will grow at an annual rate of 5.3%. The fastest growth of packaged machinery consumption is in the developing countries and regions. Compared with the booming country, China's food and packaging machinery are relatively lacking in product category and technology level, which constitutes a resistance to the innovation of the packaging machinery industry. Now it is only possible to complete natural elimination through market adjustment and enhancement of downstream industries. The following features will appear in the development of the waste paper packer market in China:

One. Packaging machinery technology is increasingly adding

The technical content of some existing packaging machinery products in China is not high, and many advanced technologies have been used on baling machinery abroad, such as remote spacing remote control technology (including monitoring), stepper motor technology, automatic flexibility compensation technology, laser cutting technology, Information processing technology.

II. Packaged Machinery Personalization Project Increased

With the economic transformation, more and more technical and environment-friendly products are being developed, and the demand for personalized and tailored packaging solutions is increasing. Companies that need to engage in the packaging industry have perfect solutions and service capabilities. Nowadays, there are packaging companies of this size in the country. not much.

III. The market for baling machinery has become increasingly monopolized

At present, apart from corrugated-carton packaging machines and some small-sized baling machines in China, there are certain scales and disadvantages. Other packaging machines are simply unsystematic and large-scale. In particular, some packaged consumer lines with large demand in the market are all found in the world packaging market. Jiada has a monopoly on packaging machinery companies (groups).

IV. Packaged Machinery Parts Consumption Specialization

The international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the versatility of packaged machine processing and the entire packaging system. Therefore, the specialization of packaged machine components and parts consumption is an inevitable trend. Many parts and components are no longer consumed by the packaged machinery factory, but by some common specifications. Factory consumption, some special parts and components are consumed by highly specialized consumer manufacturers. The truly famous packaging machinery factory will be able to be an assembly plant. Products are developed with multi-functions and single, high-speed polarization. The ultimate role of packaging machinery is to improve consumer efficiency and product diversity.

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