Vitens, a Dutch water company, completes the remote meter reading system test

[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Industry] Vitens, the largest Dutch water company, has successfully completed a pilot program in the Netherlands using Sensus's Flexnet telematics system, which enables it to read meters that are difficult to read due to location or obstacles.

According to, Vitens said that the success rate of the company’s pilot program in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, reached 100%, highlighting the advantages of Flexnet, a communications technology developed specifically for utilities.

Vitens has always tried to make the meter reader accurately read the water meter installed underground or blocked by obstacles such as metal covers. It is believed that Sensus's technology can read the water meter remotely without the need for the meter reader to take the risk of personal meter reading.

Riik Thijssen, Vitens’ business development manager, said the company needed a technical solution to avoid the dangers that meter readers face when reading meters in hard-to-reach locations. Water meter readings are extremely important to the company's management and distribution network optimization, so the first priority is the reliability and coverage of the water meter network.

Thijssen stated that the installation of the water meter and smart node is perfect. The water meter readings can be read from the FlexNet system in the first place, and the water meters in all locations can be connected and read through the network. And because the head-end system is used, installation work can then be performed. Each newly installed water meter automatically appears on the portal.

The FlexNet system has an overlapping design coverage and therefore maintains a stable connection with the water meter. The system can achieve a strong range and penetration in different terrains, even if the water meter is installed in a difficult-to-reach location, it can accurately read the water meter.

Tom Mills, director of the Sensus smart water meter EMEA, said that when Vitens completes the water meter installation and connects to the FlexNet system, it can start collecting data. This system can successfully read the underground, under the metal cover, and even 5 km of water meters.

Thanks to the FlexNet technology, water company employees no longer have to risk reading in dangerous environments. In addition, operational efficiency can be improved by requiring fewer employees and eliminating human errors.

(Original title: Vitens, a Dutch water company, completed the remote meter reading system test)

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