What to look for when testing a six-phase six-phase relay protection tester

The six-phase relay protection tester is a new type of intelligent test instrument. The previous tools were mainly composed of a combination of a voltage regulator and a phase shifter. They were bulky and inaccurate, and could not meet the verification work of modern microcomputer relay protection. . With the continuous development of science and technology, it has been widely used in various fields such as line protection, main transformer differential protection, and excitation control, etc. Substation integrated automation has become mainstream. What should you pay attention to when testing the six-phase relay protection tester?

1. The tester unit has built-in IPC and Windows operating system. Do not switch the power of the host too frequently.

2. The device panel or back panel is equipped with a USB socket, which allows hot plugging of USB devices (such as U disk, etc.), but note that it must be performed after the data transmission is completed.

3. The device is equipped with a dedicated self-recovery CF card, to avoid damage to the operating system caused by illegal shutdown, deletion or modification of files on the hard disk and icons on the desktop. If you really need to store data in this unit, please save the data in the D drive. When using a USB disk to copy data, make sure that the USB disk is clean and virus free. Please do not use U disk to install other software programs in this system.

4. When connecting an external keyboard or mouse, do not insert the wrong port, otherwise the Windows operating system will not start properly.

5. Do not directly turn off the power in the output state to avoid incorrect operation due to output error during shutdown.

6. The input quantity is compatible with the empty contact point and potential (0 to 250 VDC). When the live contact is used, the high-side (positive) contact potential should be connected to the COM terminal of the common terminal.

7. When using this instrument, do not block or close the air vents of the body. Generally, place the instrument in a standing position or open the support legs slightly.

8. It is forbidden to introduce external AC and DC power to the voltage and current output jacks of the tester. Otherwise, the tester will be damaged.

9. If the field interference is strong or the safety requirements are high, before the test, ground the power cable (3 cores) grounded or ground the device.

The six-phase relay protection test instrument is divided into two loops: the main loop and the auxiliary loop. The main loop is adjusted by a large knob, and the auxiliary loop is adjusted by a small knob. The main circuit controls the various outputs of the output through the “output selection” button on the panel, and the digital voltage/current meter on the instrument can automatically monitor its output value each time an output is switched. The auxiliary circuit controls the output directly through the output switch control. The measurement can be externally attached to the multimeter.

10. If there is an error in the interface data during use or the device cannot be connected, you can solve this: Press the reset button to reset the DSP, or exit the program to return to the main menu and rerun the program. The data is restored to the default value.

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