Wild survival survival tool to take the fire cell phone battery

In today's era, you can do a lot of magical things with your mobile phone. You can use it to make calls, send text messages, send weibo, surf the Internet, and buy anything, but do you know? If you are unfortunately in the Stone Age wilderness or unable to When you get assistance, your phone may become a convenient survival tool!

In the wild, the biggest problem is to find the source of fire for lighting, then how can we get the fire? Here is a way to use the mobile phone battery to get fire.

Materials used in mobile phones

Method: Keep all the materials at your fingertips, as this process will happen very quickly. Connect the two ends of the wire to the positive and negative terminals of the mobile phone battery, and the wire will quickly turn into a red hot state. The flammable material can be ignited by touching the wire. The wires will blow in a matter of seconds, so there is only one chance per line.

Of course, in addition to the mobile phone battery to take fire, Other components in the mobile phone also have their own use, such as grinding the mobile phone circuit board into a cutting tool, using the display screen as a mirror to reflect the help signal, the speaker as a compass.

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