Yuchai's Corporate Culture: Innovation Lighting Up

In Yuchai 's cultural system, innovation is not only a feature but also a carrier and a life project. In the 61 years of development, Yuchai has always been good at innovation , bold innovation, innovation driven development, and innovation to create miracles.

Cultural Innovation: Infuse Fresh Content

Yu Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group Board of Directors, said: "Corporate culture is a historical category, we must adhere to advance with the times, not rigid, different historical periods to inject different fresh content."

This is what Yuchai said. In 2006, Yuchai clearly put forward the principle of "innovation of ideas and promotion of corporate culture". The Group's corporate culture department was established and the core concept of "green development, harmony and mutual benefit" was established. In 2010, Yuchai promulgated and implemented the "12th Five-Year Plan" cultural strategy, from the "five aspects of content, mechanism, training, infiltration, evaluation," and other "five technical systems, markets, benefits, synergies, human resources, and internationalization" and other six The system is to be oriented toward development, so as to achieve the three major cultural construction goals of “inclusiveness, openness, and advancedness” and move toward building a cultural competitiveness.

After five years of corporate culture construction, the cultural confidence of Yuchai builders has been highlighted. Due to excellent cultural leadership, corporate culture orientation, cohesion, restraint, incentive, and radiation are all factors that are reflected in the development of Yuchai. For example, the orientation of green thinking clearly clarified Yuchai’s road to green industrial development and his ambition to take on social responsibility. Yuchai’s development has opened a new chapter; the harmonious view of humanity has turned into an incomparable job for Yuchai employees. Respect and love; effective incentives for talents have inspired Yuchai's entrepreneurial passion and enthusiasm, which has improved the cohesion of the team. It can be said that Yuchai has undergone qualitative changes from strategic positioning, technology research and development to manufacturing, marketing services and external cooperation. Green environmental protection power products have emerged in an endless stream, brand values ​​have continued to climb, operating performance has reached new heights, and five years have resulted in two Yuchai. The appearance of miracles does not happen by chance. There is a force in the construction of corporate culture.

Management Innovation: Become the Benchmark of State-owned Enterprise Reform and Innovation

Compared with some big companies, Yuchai has no geographical advantage, but Yuchai people have advanced thinking, advanced concepts and innovative awareness.

Looking back at the development of Yuchai, Yuchai has always been at the forefront of reform and development. In the early 1990s, Yuchai took the lead in the industry to reform the Sino-foreign equity joint-stock system, becoming China's first Sino-foreign joint venture company, and it was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States in 1994. At the same time, a large number of advanced technologies and production lines have been introduced, and the company has taken the lead in launching the “triple jump” project of quality reliability, taking the lead in establishing the YC alliance and YC service body, and establishing a solid supply and service alliance cooperation system, which has created an industry first and created A unique Yuchai development model. In the 21st century, especially during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, Yuchai put forward the core concept of “Green Development and Harmonious Development” and launched a new round of drastic reform and innovation. From the adjustment of internal corporate governance structure, re-establish investment and financing management model, to multi-plate, diversified development, industrial base layout throughout the country, the overseas market strategy is proceeding in an orderly manner, "three years to rebuild a Yuchai" boldly proposed and successfully achieved, quality With a 50% target and a lean manufacturing management model, Yuchai has always followed the development philosophy of continuous innovation and continuous pursuit of excellence, winning a series of brilliant achievements and becoming a benchmark for state-owned enterprise reform and innovation.

Technological Innovation: Always at the Leading Level in the Industry

The key to innovation is to improve independent innovation capabilities. In today's world, science and technology have become decisive forces for economic and social development, and independent innovation capability is at the core of national competitiveness.

Yuchai has always taken the responsibility of revitalizing the national industry, holding high the banner of independent innovation, striving to enhance the ability of independent innovation, increasing technological innovation, continuously applying new technologies and developing new products, breaking through the difficulties of one core technology and forming its own core Technological advantages and competitiveness, creating national green power, and creating a national industrial brand are respected by international counterparts.

Yuchai is a national enterprise technology center, postdoctoral scientific research station, enterprise engineering research institute, and nationally-accepted product testing room. At the same time, it has been with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Tsinghua University, Jilin University, and German Aachen Industries for many years. University, British Brunel University, Chongqing Automobile Research Institute, China Automotive Technology Research Center and Southwest Research Institute of the United States, Germany's FEV, Austria's AVL, Britain's Ricardo, Japan's Yamaha, Isuzu, etc., have maintained a good Cooperation relationship.

With the spirit of tenacious struggle, Yuchai people energetically overcome the electronic control and calibration technology and become the only company in the industry that can independently conduct vehicle control integration and calibration. At present, Yuchai has three core technology platforms: "combustion technology platform, electronic control technology platform, and powertrain technology platform". It possesses "Euro III, EU VI emission control technology, hybrid powertrain technology, and two-stage supercharging technology. , air hybrid technology, combusted gasoline combustion technology, simulation technology, post-processing technology, and many other leading new technologies, some of the technology has entered the international advanced level sequence. In terms of research and development of construction machinery, Yuchai has five mature technology of "hydraulic sensing, confluence control, refueling, holding valve, and linear traveling valve technology" and "streamline and animal simulation as the mainstream appearance design and intelligentization. Electronic Control System" and other advanced technologies.

Yuchai is relying on its leading product technology, advanced research and development equipment, and a complete R&D system to promote independent product innovation and create products that are technologically, dynamically, and economically leading and applicable. In recent years, extensive application of high-tech engine technology and Yuchai’s leading international technology have successfully developed State III, State IV, State V, Euro VI diesel engines with independent intellectual property rights, and China’s first passenger car engine and city passenger car ( ISG technology) hybrid engine and YC6K, YC6T, YC6C series engine, product technology has always been in the industry-leading level.

In recent years, Yuchai has participated in 29 national standard system revisions and has undertaken 7 national “863” high-tech research projects, applied for 854 patents, obtained 612 patent grants, and patent applications have ranked first in Guangxi for 5 consecutive years. It has won Guangxi "China's Top Ten Independent Innovation Brands", "National Patent System Advanced Collective", "National Accredited Enterprise Technology Center Achievement Award" and National High-tech Enterprise Qualifications. The technical center of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. ranks 27th in the evaluation of 575 enterprise technology centers across the country, ranking first in the engine industry, and significantly improving its independent innovation capability and core competitiveness.

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