Yuchai YC4FA series, YC4S power, YC4Y22 commercial power delivery

Recently, Yuchai Corporation held the 400,000 YC4FA series power, the 10,000th YC4S power and the first YC4Y22 (commercial) power delivery ceremony in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. Yuchai CEO Wu Qiwei and other high-level representatives of the company represented Suzhou Jinlong and Dongfeng, Liuzhou Wuling and other OEM customers delivered products.

Yuchai YC4Y22 delivery ceremony
Yuchai YC4Y22 delivery ceremony

In recent years, Yuchai has promoted product structure adjustment and strengthened research and development of light engines and heavy-duty engines. The YC4FA series power, YC4S power, and the first YC4Y22 (commercial) power are the crystallization of Yuchai's product upgrades in recent years, reflecting Yuchai’s Market and technical advantages of light engines .

According to reports, the YC4FA series is the most competitive 3-liter engine in China. This section covers 100-130PS in volume and was put on the market in 2004. EDC-3 was launched on the market in 2006, upgraded to China 4 in 2010, and is now starting to launch 5 in volume. Since its release on the market, it has sold 400,000 units. The product is mature and reliable, light weight, no overhaul mileage of more than 300,000 kilometers; the overall performance of all over the domestic similar models, economic indicators reached the advanced level in foreign countries; fit 3.5-8 tons of light trucks, 7 meters below the light road, tourism, Markets such as groups, public transportation, school buses, etc., have improved significantly in terms of cost-effectiveness in the country 4, country 5 stages.

The second product YC4S delivered has a power coverage of 130-170PS. This product is the fourth country in the country. It has the potential to be upgraded to Europe 6 and its product performance is in line with the international trend design. Its power is 33.2KW/L, reliability is good, and its weight is light. NVH has good performance, strong power, ultra-low fuel consumption, and high cost performance. After 4 stages of the country, it has been favored by customers. There are 10,000 units in the market, and 8-12 tons of trucks in the truck market; in the passenger car market, the imitation of Koster, 7-7.5 meters of school buses, roads, buses, and tourist vehicles;

YC4Y22 is Yuchai's vertical commercial new power developed on the basis of developing the power of the transverse sedan. Based on the power requirements of passenger cars, this engine adopts timing chain transmission, dual overhead camshafts, hydraulic tappets, dual vortex flow channels, etc. It is characterized by light weight, high torque, low noise, and high reliability. To reach the international advanced level. It is suitable for the high-quality power of high-end models such as European light passengers, pickups, high-end light trucks and SUVs.

After years of development, Yuchai has successfully expanded from medium-sized to light-weight and heavy-duty engines. In the light engine field, it has cultivated enough competitive advantages. Both the product technology and the market acceptance have become the benchmarks of the industry. The YC4FA has low fuel consumption and high reliability and has won multiple championships in the Dongfeng Kayou Oil Contest. Good quality has promoted the rapid growth of the market. In 2015, Yuchai’s sales in the light truck power sector achieved a substantial increase, and light truck power 4FA/4S sales achieved a 60% increase in contrarian sales.

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