Zhengzhou Bag City Construction Project

Name of Project: Zhengzhou Haishenglun Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Baobao City Construction Project Progress: Filing Construction period: July 2011-December 2013 Major equipment: elevators, 1200 tons of tons of central air-conditioning and corresponding supporting terminals, fire protection, ventilation , smoke, water supply and drainage, cranes and other equipment.
Project Introduction:
The project is located in the south of Datong Road and Qiantang Road of Zhengzhou City, and the construction project of Zhengzhou Haishenglun Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Bag City. The project covers an area of ​​3924.8 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​49464 square meters. The main building is a luggage shopping mall. Among them, 16 floors above the ground are shopping malls, and the building area is 43968 square meters. The luggage shopping mall and the boutique inner street are arranged in a 6:4 ratio. The ground floor is 5496 square meters. The first floor is a supermarket, the second floor is underground and the mezzanine is a parking lot. The main equipment is to purchase 10 sets of elevators, 1 set of 1200,1200 tons of central air conditioners for main engines, and corresponding supporting end, fire-fighting, ventilation, exhaust, water supply and drainage and other equipment of 8,600 sets/sets and cranes.

Total investment of the project: RMB 160 million.

Construction unit: Zhengzhou Haishenglun Industrial Co., Ltd. Postal address: East of Datong Road, Qiantang Road, Zhengzhou City Postal Code: 450000
Contact: Ma Ben Phone

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