Domestic construction machinery exported to Russian market favored

A few days ago, more than 10 Chinese-made loaders were waiting for inspection at the Heihe port and they were ready to be sent to Blagoveshchensk, Russia.

In April and May, the domestic market declined and the export market was significantly optimistic. According to the "China's Loader Market Monitoring Analysis and Forecast Report for May 2011" published by China Construction Machinery Business Network, in May 2011, China exported 2,320 loaders, accounting for 10.17% of total sales, an increase of 95.45% over the same period of last year. , the chain growth of 4.04%; 1-5 months, the cumulative exports of 10,008 units, accounting for 8.21% of total sales, an increase of 78.43%, the export market increased far higher than the domestic market. Relevant survey data shows that since 2000, Russia has become the fastest growing country in the construction field in the world, and the construction market has increased by 10% to 15% every year. Since 2011, the Russian economy has rapidly recovered, and the market demand for construction machinery has also continuously increased. In February of this year, Russia allocated 9.5 billion roubles (about 2.14 billion yuan) to the management offices of the ten districts in Moscow to optimize the Russian road transport network.

The increase in market demand is one of the reasons for the boom in the construction machinery market in Russia. In addition, the Russian government’s taxation policy on imported equipment has also been relatively relaxed. In May, the government of the Russian Federation revised its list of technical equipment, including its spare parts, that it does not produce and that it imports from abroad and does not impose VAT. The list of VAT-free technical equipment has increased the weight of a pneumatic wheeled overhead container loader with a capacity of no more than 60 tons, a lifting weight of no more than 80 tons, a rail-mounted gantry crane (container loader), and a lifting weight of no more than 45 Tons, wheeled self-loaders (with retractable arms and container grabs). A series of measures promoted the export of Chinese construction machinery to Russia. According to a survey by the China Construction Machinery Trade Network, Heihe Port is an important channel for Russian exports. From January to May, Heihe Port exported a total of 3,755 sets of various types of construction machinery (sets). , a year-on-year increase of 230%. In the future, China Construction Machinery will win more users' affirmation and market share with stable quality and efficient operation rate.

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