Fujian Nanan Wharf truck rolled over 30 tons of paper and died of seventy-year old man

Fujian Nanan Wharf truck rolled over 30 tons of waste paper and died seventy years old Han diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-07-25

A large truck loaded with 30 tons of waste paper suddenly turned over and caught fire. Arbor, 70, who was busy at the roadside vegetable garden, was unfortunately buried under the waste paper pile. The truck driver claimed that it was because of the tilt of the cargo that it caused the rollover.
This morning, the local villager Hung Arbo's garden fence was damaged by a sedan. At the time of the incident, he went to the vegetable garden in front of his house and suffered misfortune when repairing the fence and picking the water spinach.
At the scene, a large truck with a Xiamen license was turned to the right side of the road. The front part of the truck was burned to leave only the skeleton. There was a bag of waste paper scattered beside the car. The pavement was over 50 meters long. The roadside was a piece of More than 10 square meters of vegetable garden.
The 13-year-old boy Xiao Hong was caught by a gutter along the roadside. When he heard the sound of a car accident, he saw a large truck roll over to the ground and caught fire at the fuel tank. The fire spread quickly and the truck cab ran out of four people. Someone shouted "Someone was crushed to death."
Another witnessed the villagers saying that when Hong Abo was busy working in the vegetable garden, he saw a large truck roll over and glided. It was too late for him to throw a leg. The paper quickly fell over and the nearby villagers ran over to take him away. When the pile of paper is pulled out, people are no longer able to do it.
The three sons of Hong Abo told reporters that in the morning, a car crashed into the vegetable garden and crashed into the fence. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, his father went to repair the fence. He also intended to pick some spinach to eat at night.
“Father’s life is very hard, it is not easy to pull our three brothers and one older sister. The father was still ill on the court more than 10 years ago. It took us a lot of money to save him and to save him...”
The truck driver claimed that there were 30 tons of cargo and pulled from Xiamen. After the incident, due to the tilt of the cargo, there was just a big turn that caused the taxi to slide and knocked off the pole and the car caught fire. After the incident, the fire brigade of the Nanan Fire Brigade extinguished the fire. The traffic police of the Nan'an Traffic Police Brigade rushed to the scene to dispose of the driver and other people.
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