Energy-saving LED lighting future prospects are optimistic

With the increase in electricity prices in October, the investment market is setting off a wave of energy-saving stocks. The LED group has strengthened after the solar energy stocks rose, and the energy-saving stocks have become the focus of the disk funds. The director of LEDinside Green Energy Division, Chu Yuchao, said that LED backlights will look forward to the two major applications of smart phones and tablets in the future, and TV backlights will decline. The backlight market may weaken, allowing manufacturers to increase the proportion of lighting.
According to Chu Yuchao, director of the LEDinside Green Energy Division of the research institute, LED lighting maintained an upward trend, which led to the outstanding performance of the listed company's LED lighting factory Yiguang. Chu said that the LED industry still has room for growth in the lighting market, but in the TV backlight market, there may be a first recession next year, mainly because the penetration rate of LEDs in TV backlights has reached 95, and the penetration rate has been High, coupled with the estimated growth momentum of TV shipments is not strong, the TV backlight market will have a high-end decline. Chu Yuchao said that the backlight market will look forward to the two major application areas of smart phones and tablets in the future. As the scale of shipments continues to expand, it is beneficial for LED backlight factories to seek new application markets. The LED backlight market may weaken, and manufacturers have turned to increase the proportion of lighting.
The listed company Ronda is optimistic that the lighting market will be far better than the backlight next year. The target revenue of next year's lighting will increase from 30% this year to 50% to reduce the dependence of backlight.
In addition to the lighting market for the growth of the LED industry, the store is super optimistic about the dual FlashLED fill light technology led by Apple's iPhone5S. Chu Yuchao said that in order to increase the added value of mobile phone cameras, the mobile phone factory introduced Flash fill light technology. In the original white light flash LED architecture, a warm color LED was added to compensate for the color temperature difference. The two flash LED designs are bound to push up the total demand of FlashLED. It is estimated that the number of users used this year will grow by 27.3 to 1.44 billion, and next year it will reach 1.7 billion. Although the iPhone5S uses FlashLED from foreign factories, Apple will lead other mobile phone manufacturers to introduce new technologies. Chu Yuchao said that Yiguang has already sold a small amount of products, while the listed company Jingdian and the new century have R&D and production related chips. Strength.

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