Facebook 6.5 Open iOS Platform App Update

With the open download of Apple's iOS 7 system, Facebook also cooperated with the launch of the iOS platform application Facebook 6.5 Update. The content includes a brand-new design, including adding a directory at the bottom of the application screen to make users more convenient to use.
In the new Facebook 6.5, users can quickly switch from dynamic messages to friend invitations, messages, or notifications by tapping the bottom of the screen. Users can also touch the More button below to select a dynamic newsletter, club, or event. And more other options. In addition, the application also incorporates new design elements, such as a semi-transparent action bar above the application that changes with the user dragging different photos or posts.

Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine is designed to produce fabricated panels for factories, warehouses and house. The line applies E. P. S, Glass & Mineral Wool, Polyurethane and cuts to required length.

It is the best material for wall and roof of electronic, medicine, precise machinery and general factories and warehouses.
Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine is to produce panels for constructing factories, warehouses and houses.

After forming 0. 4 ~ 0. 5 mm pre-painted steel sheets, the line attaches them to EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and cuts into required size. Roof and wall panels can be produced by the same machine.

This line suitable to process outer side of sandwich panel,materials sheet are colored steel sheet, aluminium steel sheet, stainless steel sheet and so on.The inner side materials are flame retardant EPS, rock wool and so on.

Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine Line

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