Save energy and reduce emissions

On June 2nd, the author took part in the professional training for “Cleaner Production and Cleaner Production Auditing.” With the professor’s know-how, we are deeply impressed that clean production is imperative and energy saving and emission reduction are a long way off.

Since the industrial revolution, especially since the 1970s, the global social economy has experienced rapid development. At the same time, it has also caused excessive resource consumption and increasing scarcity. In particular, China has become increasingly serious in environmental problems, which has greatly constrained economic development and social progress. . According to statistics from the National Science and Education Organization, China's energy consumption is about 2.5 times that of middle-income countries and four times that of industrial advanced countries. The unit energy consumption of major industrial products is 30% to 90% higher than that of advanced foreign countries. At present, China's energy use efficiency is 29%, which is 10% lower than the international advanced level.

The higher the energy consumption, the more pollution it produces. This is an indisputable fact. Let us look at a set of data: The river sections that flow through the city are generally polluted, one-fifth of the city’s air pollution is serious, and one-third of the country’s land area is affected by acid rain. The country has an area of ​​3.56 million square kilometers of soil erosion, 1.74 million square kilometers of desertified land, more than 90% of natural grassland degradation, and reduced biodiversity. In the first half of this year, the national economic growth rate reached 10.9%, but chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions increased by 4.2% and 5.8% respectively compared with the same period of last year. The environmental problems that have occurred in stages in the process of industrialization in developed countries over the past 100 years have already appeared in our country. Due to the large population in China, per capita energy resources are relatively insufficient. The per capita proven reserves of coal are only half of the world average, and the per capita oil reserves are calculated by the United States' Oil and Gas Journal as 2.9 tons, which is only 11.6% of the world average. Obviously this will be an important limiting factor in the long-term development of China's economy.

With high input, high consumption, high pollution, low output, and low reserves, this “three highs, one low, one less” is an image portrayal of the status quo of China's production. The rapid development of industry for more than two decades has forced us to bear the ensuing century of energy and environmental pressures. Over time, China's sustainable development will be difficult to sustain.

Cleaner production is a systematic project. On the one hand, it promotes “energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, and efficiency improvement” through technological transformation, equipment renewal, waste recycling, etc., thereby reducing production costs and improving the overall benefits of the organization. On the one hand, it emphasizes improving the management level of the organization and improving the quality of all employees' economic ideas, environmental awareness, participation in management awareness, technical level, and professional ethics. At the same time, cleaner production can also effectively improve the operating environment and operating conditions of workers, reduce the impact of the production process on the health of employees, establish a good social image for enterprises, encourage public support for their products, and increase the market competitiveness of enterprises.

The central government has made it clear that energy conservation and emission reduction will be the primary task and breakthrough of the economic restructuring in 2007. A new round of “energy saving and emission reduction” storms will be set up across the country to ensure that the national energy consumption per unit of GDP determined in the 11th Five Year Plan is achieved. Reduce the goal of 20% to protect the ecological environment. The State Council established a leading group for energy conservation and emission reduction, headed by Premier Wen Jiabao. This fully shows that the country has mentioned energy conservation and emission reduction work on an important agenda, and it also shows the country’s confidence and determination in energy conservation and emission reduction. Cleaner production is the most effective way to save energy and reduce emissions. It can be said that the work is in the present age, and it will be beneficial to the future. Let us start from now for you, me, and him today and tomorrow.

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