Mercedes-Benz "Jealous" BMW Profit Launches High-End Lineup Expansion Plan

Mercedes-Benz "Jealous" BMW Profit Launches High-end Lineup Expansion Plan According to Bloomberg News, Daimler's Mercedes-Benz will expand its lineup of high-end models and SUVs and launch more luxury models to surpass the profit margins of the top three luxury car brands.

According to two informed sources, Mercedes will begin to introduce more S-class derivative models after updating its flagship Mercedes-Benz S design in 2013. At the price of 114,100 US dollars CL two-door car, Mercedes-Benz also plans to launch a type of roadster. In order to prove that large vehicles are still adapting to the needs of environmental regulations, Mercedes-Benz will exhibit a fuel cell concept car next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz AMG Business Unit will launch more SUV models after the $189,600 SLS sports car. However, the above individuals refused to disclose specific internal plans.

As the leader in the first three luxury car companies, Mercedes-Benz has gradually fallen behind in the development process in recent years. From the sales point of view, it lost to BMW in 2005, and in 2011 it slipped behind Audi in the first half of total sales. In terms of profit margins, covering the Mercedes, Smart and Maybach models, Daimler's auto business had a profit margin of 10.7% in the first half of this year, lagging behind Audi's 11.8%, which is a significant gap from the 14.4% of BMW's profit margin champion BMW.

Against this background, Mercedes-Benz released the new slogan "The best or Nothing." At the same time, Daimler CEO Zeche Cheung issued an employee's report, calling for a challenge to BMW and Audi. He also set off an offensive plan recently to prepare himself to get rid of being overtaken by Audi by expanding Chinese sales.

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