Oscilloscope Usage FAQ for Electronic Measuring Instruments

The method is as follows: (in the case of the same appearance and brightness) using a universal meter to measure the resistance of the light source, the light with a small resistance decays, and the service life is short; the light with a large resistance is low in decay and has a long service life.

1, to identify the piranha module piranhas module white and red light resistance is generally 150 ohms, customers test the brightness with a universal meter to test the resistance of the module, if the brightness is no problem resistance is greater than or equal to 150 ohms, this food Mermaid module is a module that can be used with confidence. (Conditional users can test the module's current white light is generally less than 20 mA red light is less than 40 mA)

2. To identify the patch module white patch module because light decline is more and more recognized by the majority of customers, now on the market, white light patch is roughly divided into two kinds of super bright and high light, ultra-bright resistance is about 90- The 100 ohm (current 30 mA) highlighted resistor is approximately 120-150 ohms (current 20 mA). If the two resistor modules have the same high brightness, they are best.

3, identify the main problem of waterproof string lights in the waterproof or not, it is recommended that customers in the test of waterproof string with salt water soaked string and light for more than 100 hours to test the waterproof performance, 5V monochrome string current is generally not More than 20 mA. The light string is prone to dead light when the lamp is inserted (because the resistance wire is broken), and the probability of a problem with the light string using the circuit board and the patch resistor is small.

4, identify the full-color light string with the controller to convert the light string into white light to detect the consistency of the light string white light and brightness. The waterproof test method is the same as monochrome. The gray scale is generally divided into 32 levels and 256 levels, and the 256-level gray color is more vivid and realistic. Ask the customer to ask about the gray level when buying a full-color light string.

The chip has a rated current value (white light 20mA red light does not exceed 40mA), when the current is greater than the rated value, the life of the chip becomes shorter, the brightness is decayed, if an LED product is through the increase of current The method to increase brightness is such that high brightness is not sustainable, and the light failure within 3 months can be as large as 50% or more (actual test results).

Due to the different chip sizes, the cost of LED products varies greatly, and the LED modules used within the rated power have a service life of more than 5 years. If they are used under overload, the service life is less than one year. In order for your company to be prosperous in the advertising industry, you want to be cautious about choosing LED products.

Tyre Pyrolysis Machine mainly for pyrolysis kinds of waste car tyres, waste truck tyres, large engineering tyres and many kinds waste rubber.  The tyres (large engineering tyres need to shred) can be shredded and whole, both are ok. 

From tyres can get around 40-45% oil,  35-40% carbon black, 15% steel wire and 5% non-condensable oil gas.

  Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine can be batch and continuous working.

  batch capacity can be 5Tpd, 6Tpd, 8Tpd, 9Tpd, 10Tpd, 12Tpd, 15Tpd,

  Continuous capacity can be 10Tpd, 20Tpd, 30Tpd, 40Tpd, 50Tpd. 

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