Subsidizing the New Deal to promote the promotion of new energy vehicles is expected to speed up

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued a notice with several ministries and commissioned to continue the promotion and application of new energy vehicles from 2013 to 2015. The new round of subsidy policies for new energy vehicles clearly relies on the guiding ideology of the city to promote the use of new energy vehicles, and continue to rely on the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in cities, especially in megacities.

Compared with the previous round of new energy policies, the new round of subsidy policies has expanded the scope of subsidies and adjusted the subsidy standards for new energy vehicles accordingly. It also stipulates the regulations on the number of new energy products for foreign car companies, and further To break the local protection barriers that have been criticized in the promotion. Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Minister of Science and Technology, said at a recent China Automotive Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum that China will become the most important and most competitive market for foreign electric vehicles in the future. The launch of a new round of state support policies will inspire companies. Technological innovation and local initiatives to promote the market.

In fact, the most important highlight of the new round of new energy subsidy policies is the change in subsidies and standards for new energy vehicles. According to the new policy, the new round of subsidies directly replenish vehicle manufacturers, while pure electric passenger cars adopt a hierarchical subsidy form and add a subsidy standard for medium-sized pure electric passenger vehicles.

In terms of specific promotion targets, the new subsidy policy proposes that the cumulative number of new energy vehicles in super-large cities or key regions that participate in promotion from 2013 to 2015 should not be less than 10,000, and the cumulative promotion volume in other cities or regions should not be less than 5,000 vehicles. . Prior to the promotion of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, the "Ten Thousand Cities" project requires that each city's promotion target be 1,000 vehicles.

An insider of the National Development and Reform Commission told the reporter that while the new round of subsidy policies continues to rely on major cities to carry out key demonstration operations, in order to promote new energy vehicles with greater intensity, in principle the demonstrative cities should make new declarations and comply with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Additional conditions proposed by the ministry.

It is understood that in order to break the embarrassing situation in which it is difficult for foreign car companies to enter the demonstration cities, the number of vehicles in foreign brands that must be promoted and applied must not be less than 30% for the first time in a new round of subsidy policies. In addition, local governments are also not allowed to set or disguise barriers to restrict the purchase of foreign brand vehicles.

Statistics show that after the implementation of the new energy demonstration and promotion program in the previous round, China’s new energy vehicle project has achieved certain development. However, Jia Xinguang, an automotive analyst, believes that the new energy vehicle market in China has not really started. The new round of subsidies will continue to a certain extent to a certain extent, but the subsidies are actually targeted at price subsidies, while the infrastructure Lack of awareness and weak consumer awareness of purchase are all obstacles to the development of new energy. It is still not clear whether the goal of achieving 500,000 vehicles will be achieved by 2015.

It is worth noting that the new round of subsidy policies has also proposed comprehensive incentives for model cities. The award funds will mainly be used for the construction of charging facilities. However, the development of new energy vehicles still faces many difficulties before the introduction of charging facilities construction rules and standards.

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