Strength Analysis of Automobile Reducer Gears

In the automobile main reducer of the hyperbolic gear structure, the front end of the driving gear is supported by two 2731 tapered bearings, and the rear end is supported by a 42307 radial short cylindrical roller bearing.
In order to improve the support rigidity, the support bolts are added on the back side of the driven gear. The ring gear of the driven gear is connected with the left outer casing of the differential by 12 M14 bolts (12 M12 bolts in the old fashion), and 8 left and right differential housings. The M14 bolted connection is supported on the reducer housing by two 7516 tapered roller bearings. The speed of the drive gear of the reducer and the axis of the driven gear do not intersect each other, so that the position of the drive shaft is lowered, the stability of the lubricating oil of the automobile is improved, and the speed of the vehicle is improved.
Since the driving gear is placed lower, the end face modulus of the driving gear is increased, thereby improving the strength and rigidity of the driving gear, but also increasing the axial force acting on the driving gear. Due to the axial offset, the longitudinal slip between the tooth surfaces is achieved, and the friction speed can reach 1.5-5 m/s. The oil-free screw vacuum pump increases the pressure between the tooth surfaces.
Due to the high-speed rotation of the gear pair and the high pressure between the tooth surfaces, the gear pair of the reducer has a higher operating temperature and unfavorable working conditions.
1) The working temperature is high, the strength of the extreme pressure oil film is reduced and broken, which affects the lubrication of the gear and accelerates the wear of the gear. 2) The lubricating oil is used for too long and the deterioration is invalid. 3) Mismatched general gear oil, poor lubrication. 4) Gear heat treatment is not good and the surface hardness is low.

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