Advantages and disadvantages of dry self-grinding and wet self-grinding

Self-grinding mills are characterized by simplified crushing processes, investment savings (both infrastructure and equipment investments), and faster construction. In addition, the self-grinding production cost is also low, so the self-grinding technology has been widely used abroad.

The advantage of dry self-grinding is that it has high production capacity and does not require hydraulic transportation. It is suitable for application in dry and water-deficient areas (such as Northwest China) and Tianhan-freezing area (Northeast China). The disadvantage is that when the ore contains more mud or water (more than 4 to 5% ), the production capacity is significantly reduced, and hot air drying must be performed. Power consumption is large. Wind power transportation materials, equipment and piping wear and dust should be properly solved.

The wet self-grinding grading auxiliary equipment is simple, the energy consumption is low, no dust is generated during the operation, and the sanitary condition is good. However, the production capacity is low, the liner is consumed more, and the accumulation of hard stones is likely to occur when handling hard ore. In the production, a small amount of steel balls (about 3 to 5% of the filling rate) is added to the self-grinding machine, which not only eliminates the accumulation of hard stones, but also improves the production capacity of the wet self-grinding machine and reduces the consumption of the liner.

Before the 1950s , dry self-grinding applications were more, but since the 1960s , wet self-grinding has developed rapidly. At present, the proportion of wet self-grinding accounts for more than 70% , and the dry self-grinding decreases to less than 30% . Now gold mining also began to use the wet from the mill.

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