Basic structure and performance of the rod mill

The structure of the rod mill is basically the same as that of the ball mill . The difference is that the grinding medium of the rod mill is not a steel ball but a steel rod; the diameter of the discharge end of the rod mill is much larger than that of the ball mill, that is, the diameter of the hollow shaft is large. This is to facilitate the loading of the rod and the access to the machine for maintenance; in order to make the steel rod have a specified movement in the machine, the tapered end cap of the rod mill has a small curvature, the inner side is paved with a smooth lining, and the barrel is not used. Smooth lining.

The work of the rod mill is characterized by the "point contact" caused by the "line contact" caused by the "line contact" when the rod falls. The rod mill is especially suitable for coarse grinding (grinding the material to 3 to 1 mm), and the product has a uniform particle size and light pulverization. This is due to the fact that the medium it is loaded with is formed by steel rods of different diameters. The number and specific surface of the steel rod in the rod mill are much smaller than the number of balls in the ball mill and the specific surface. When the rod falls from a height, it first hits the coarser ore and is ground in the coarser ore. Before the crushing, there is less chance that the small and medium-sized ore particles will be ground, thus preventing excessive pulverization of the material. When the feed material has a particle size of 25 to 30 mm and the product size is 3 to 1 mm, the production capacity is high.

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Purlin Rollforming Line

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