Automobile Parts Lifetime Table, no longer afraid of being fooled

The small partners all know that our country stipulates that vehicles within 6 years will be reviewed once every two years, vehicles with more than 6 years will be reviewed once a year, and older vehicles with more than 12 years will need to be reviewed twice a year. The reason why the state has such regulations is that with the increase in the number of years of use of automobiles, many parts and components inside the vehicle will gradually age. This will not only affect the daily use, but also cause a crisis to the safety of people in the car, because the car is the same as people. Lifetime, if you pay more attention to the situation in the car, in the future it will selflessly repay you.



The car's engine is the most important and the most expensive part because if it does not exist, the car can only be modeled. In general, the life of a car's engine is 10-15 years. Of course, compared with before, due to advances in craftsmanship and materials, in the case of good maintenance, there will be no problem for longer.

2. Airbag


When the danger is inevitable, we can only rely on airbags to reduce the damage to the body. Now many small partners pay attention to the number of airbags when buying a car. Of course, the more the better, because it can be more comprehensive. Protect the safety of people in the car. But do you know that airbags have a long life? In general, airbags have a life expectancy of 10 years. Some "classic cars" do not work smoothly because they have exceeded their service life in the event of a collision, and they need to be checked regularly for 3-4 years.

3. Seat belt


Seat belts are the most commonly used, but they are also the most easily overlooked accessories. In fact, the service life of the seatbelt is only a short period of three years. If it exceeds this time, the seatbelt may not tighten passengers or even slip off the body during an emergency, thus seriously affecting the safety of the people in the vehicle.

Brake pads


Driving on the road every day, if the brake pads work not ideal, then there will be a big mess. Since the weight of the front of the vehicle is generally greater than the rear of the vehicle, the force of the force is moved forward when the brake is applied. Therefore, the loss of the front brake pad will be greater. The mileage will be approximately 40,000 km, and the rear brake pad will be 8 Million kilometers.

5. Brake fluid


Many car owners are still thinking about the "hardware" of the braking system but they ignore the "software." The brake fluid is equivalent to providing blood to the brake mechanism. If the brake fluid cannot reach a predetermined working condition or leakage occurs, the brake will fail at any time. Xiaoyan suggested that people should make regular replacements for 2 years or 50,000 kilometers. In the meantime, we must also pay attention to whether leakage occurs.

6. Three filters


The service life of air filter is 6 years, but if you are in a highly polluted area such as fog, you can replace it in advance, and the replacement method is very simple, you do not need to go to the 4S shop, you can do it yourself. But pay attention to buying regular accessories, otherwise it will hurt the car. It's simple to talk to you today about the six automotive parts that need your attention. In fact, it's hot in summer. Parts such as wipers and tires need to pay attention, although the damage of some parts will not affect the daily use, but it is like an article. At the beginning, the car is also alive. As long as you usually care about it, it will reward you at the crucial moment.

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