Fast Chairman of Platinum Group in-depth production of first-line research

On December 10, 2017, Chairman of Fast Analytical Platinum Institute in-depth production line in Xi'an high-tech plant, to investigate the recent production organization, safety management, quality improvement and other aspects. The leaders of Ma Xuyao, Yu Zhili and other company leaders accompanied the investigation.
Fast President Yan Jianbo goes deep into Xi'an Hi-tech Factory Production Line

At the production frontline, Chairman Yan Jianbo carefully inquired about the recent production situation, and asked the front-line staff. Although the production and management are busy, they must keep in mind safety production, pay attention to work and rest, and ensure safe work. He encouraged all employees to seize opportunities, overcome difficulties, optimize control and improve efficiency, and devoted themselves to sprinting new targets for production and operations throughout the year, and took a good shot at the end of production and business operations throughout the year. At the same time, he asked all members to actively respond to the requirements of industry intelligence, high-end, energy-saving development, keep up with the pace of development of the times, and constantly improve their own innovation ability and skill level, bravely challenge, and firmly grasp the opportunity for the company's "5221" strategy to fall To build a solid foundation for the high-end industry.

Fast Technical exchanges with frontline technicians

President Yan Jianbo went to the workshop many times to see the employees working hard at the production line. He was cordial and enthusiastic. He was deeply touched and inspired by the employees and expressed that he would fight against time and work hard to pay back the company for practical actions. The future will make new and greater contributions.

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