Taihao Northwest "doing things", Cummins, Yuchai, and many other large-scale scene "look at the bustle!"

On September 1, 2017, the establishment and opening ceremony of Shaanxi Tellhow Vodafone Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was held in Shuangqi Village Industrial Park, Yanta District, Xi’an. Tellus Power General Manager Liu Ting, Taihao Voda General Manager Ding Chunli, China Domestic Combustion Power Generation Equipment Industry Association Chairman Zhang Hongzhong, and some partners, customer representatives, peer design institute experts attended the unveiling ceremony.
Tyler Voda Taihao Voda Opening Ceremony

Taihao Voda Power's opening ceremony kicked off. Tellus Power General Manager Mr. Liu Ting and Taihao Woda General Manager Ms. Ding Chunli respectively delivered speeches. Tellhow and Vodafone formed a joint venture company, which is a combination of strengths and strengths, complement each other, and will jointly create a northwest market structure, which will surely reach 1+. 1>2 cooperation effect. In the end, the guests' representatives placed great hopes on the development of Tellhow Vodafone. Strategic partners such as Cummins Power , MTU, Perkins, Yuchai, and Volvo Penta expressed that they would give Tywoda the largest in the future cooperation. Support and protection.

The establishment of Tellhow Voda marks the start of the strategy of Tellhow's northwest market, and has historical significance for Tyra's power expansion into the Northwest market. After the completion of the new company, it will radiate the entire northwest market, which will have a major impact in the industry and provide a better product resource platform for end customers, distributors and peers in the region.

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