Case CX500C: Mine killer, the pinnacle!

What is the ultimate goal of the construction robot? I believe many people will not hesitate to shout out two words - mine. Among the many engineering machinery and equipment, it is truly a mine killer. It has to undergo a lot of tests before it can stand out from the crowd and be recognized by the customer. Just like today's protagonist Case CX500C, under the so-called bucket, There is no stone, no matter what.

What is the peak of the work? That is to face the harsh mine construction, under the multiple tests of high efficiency, comfort and durability, it can still lift the weight lightly and easily break through. As the pinnacle of the Case CX500C, the unique Mass logo, like the gold belt of the heavyweight champion, shines brightly on the mine stage and is unmatched.

Case CX500C

At the peak, the power output perfectly dominates the battlefield.

The Case CX500C engine uses the stable and reliable ISUZU GH-6UZ1XKSS-01. The rated power of the 270kW engine and the maximum torque of 1363N·m complement each other, ensuring high power output and reducing fuel consumption and overall operating costs to new lows. At the same time, the high-pressure common rail electronically controlled fuel injection system and the cold EGR system are used to improve fuel efficiency through precise control of injection time and injection quantity.

At the same time, CX500C also provides customers with three-speed power mode selection: maximum power output in super-power mode, more effective implementation of excavation operations. The advanced automatic mode can be automatically adjusted according to the working conditions. The system automatically adjusts the power and speed of the working device through the change of hydraulic load, which brings precision and efficiency, and produces excellent fuel efficiency. The overall fuel saving effect can reach 15%.

As the peak of mining equipment, Case CX500C has also carried out “private customization” for the unique construction environment of the mine. The PCS® hydraulic control system has been upgraded again. The adoption of the new hydraulic main pump makes the output flow more sufficient than the B series. With a 6% increase, the CX500C's full boom, stick and bucket operate faster with the help of a large flow assist system. In addition, the unique automatic afterburning function allows the CX500C to provide instant power support according to the load level, showing the king's demeanor.

The work of the peak, reliable and stable to show the temperament of the mine king.

Mine construction, reliable and stable has always been a prerequisite. As the pinnacle of the Case CX500C, in response to the particularity of the mine operation, the Case design team has targeted enhancements and upgrades of key components including the engine to achieve higher maneuverability and greater durability. ;Case also adheres to the design concept and experience of the frame and structural parts that have lasted for a long time, and introduces the optimized frame and the boom and stick with integral forged hinged joints into the Chinese market as standard. Overcome the rigors of heavy construction applications.

At the same time, the Case CX500C also installs a protective system through the walking assembly. The roller and the carrier roller adopt a long-lasting sealing design. The track connecting pin adopts a strong load design and comes standard with a full-track full-length heavy-duty rail guard to ensure The stable output during mine operation shows the temperability of the mine king.

Walking assembly with protective system

At the peak, comfort and performance go hand in hand.

The Case CX500C, as the pinnacle of the mine, not only matches the best hardware of the moment, but also the driving comfort is the top in the industry. The Case CX500C new cab has a preload of 50pa, which can keep noise and dust out of the cab while the cab area of ​​the cab is increased by 60%. The field of view can be widened; the hydraulic damping support is transmitted to the host. The vibration in the cab is lower.

The quietest cab in the industry

At the same time, it is equipped with the quietest cab in the industry, with a noise level as low as 74 decibels; sun visors and rain and snow brushes are fixed above the front windshield, and even more surprising is that the Case CX500C cab is conventional. In addition to the left and right walking pedals, it also comes standard with a straight-line walking pedal, which can be operated with one foot, so that the straight walking can be easily and freely moved forward and backward, and it is simple and efficient, so that you can still enjoy the top driving experience in the mine construction.

“When you really enjoy your current career, you are really at the peak.” This sentence is also applicable in the field of construction machinery. If you need one in the mine construction, you can achieve high efficiency and stability. The mine killer that can achieve a safe and comfortable driving experience, I think, the Case CX500C will be your best choice.

No fear of challenge, just to make users rich dreams, "mine" World Wizards, the pinnacle of the work, Case CX500C to help you climb the peak of life!

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