Goggles recognizes 4.2m refrigerated car prices

Some people are not very understanding of the price of 4.2 meters refrigerated trucks do not know how to understand the market, currently on the market common 4.2 meters refrigerated trucks are generally divided into three kinds, one is chemical transport 4.2 meters refrigerated trucks, and then Food and goods transported 4.2 meters refrigerated trucks, but also a medical supplies transported 4.2 meters refrigerated trucks. As the current state of the country has a rigid specification for refrigerated and fresh-keeping trucks, such as vehicles that have a refrigeration unit that meets the requirements of environmental protection, the mining site uses a second-class cargo chassis, and the internal materials of the car-carriages are also subject to relevant requirements. The driver of the cab can choose the direction of the assistant, the air brake, etc. according to his own needs. The material of the carriage can be color steel plate, glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, common high-quality metal for the lamp, and the insulation layer is polyurethane. The ventilation compartment is low in the compartment or suitable location, and the outside of the box is generally refrigerated. The identification of the car category, but also to install the temperature and humidity monitor in line with the national GSP standards, of course, the unit is generally non-independent, more than 6m refrigerated trucks use a little more independent units.

The 4.2- meter refrigerated truck is an indispensable distribution equipment for cold-chain logistics . Cold-chain logistics is composed of many links. This involves a series of links such as procurement, processing, assembly, and transportation. It is a complex small project. Of course, all aspects of the cold chain logistics are to ensure the quality of the clearance, that is to say in the handling, storage, distribution, sale of goods, are to pay attention to control the temperature, to ensure that the article's refrigeration effect and freshness. However, due to the fact that some of the refrigerated trucks of cold-chain logistics companies may not have a bit of detail, the quality of transported goods cannot meet the refrigerated requirements. This is mainly due to the fact that some small companies that do not have relevant legalities are in the cold-chain logistics industry. In an immature environment, it is opportunistic. Of course, this situation is still very rare. But mainly to see the quality and performance of refrigerated trucks, as long as their own refrigerated truck is no problem, in all aspects of the details of control in place that would not be too much of a problem.


If we say so much, it is necessary for everyone to understand the situation and problems of the cold chain logistics industry. It is hoped that in the future, when we are doing cold chain logistics, we should be able to meet the standards of the industry standards, and let the cold chain logistics industry have a With a good reputation, the relevant departments will also be kind to the industry. At the end of the day, we are still making good comments. There are many 4.2- meter refrigerated trucks in the world , and various brands are filled with various specifications. How to identify 4.2 meters refrigerator car prices is reasonable? Or is the pricing of third-party agents not close to the people? This requires careful investigation. It is mainly to understand the price of the brand of the manufacturer of the 4.2m refrigerated truck you want. What is the difference in the price under the premise of almost configuring the specifications? It is better to compare the prices in a table, and finally select a price that is relatively appropriate. buy.

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