The future of refrigerated trucks

With the development of market economy and increasingly fierce competition in the market, some professional sub-production enterprises have gradually demonstrated their advantages in occupying the market with their high level of technology, good product quality, advanced management methods, and sales and services. Some refrigerated trucks have become the leader in the refrigerated truck industry in China. Some affiliated refrigeration vehicle manufacturers, under the guidance of multi-variety, small-volume development strategy, will play a role in supplementing the market, and will have a positive impact on the development of the industry.

When it comes to refrigerated trucks , in fact, I often say that under the premise of stable operation of the refrigeration unit, it can provide stable cooling conditions, so how to maintain the continuous temperature is also very important. In the previous section, I mentioned that most of the material of the refrigerated car's heat preservation box is selected from the inside and outside of the FRP panel, because the FRP panel has unique advantages.


In general, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the refrigerated car insulation body is mainly reflected in the inspection of the exterior surface of the car body, the inspection of the internal surface of the car body, the inspection of the internal and external edges and corners of the car body, the inspection of the interior floor of the car body, and the internal lighting and cooling. Vents and so on. For the exterior surface of refrigerated compartments, I often remind the users who come to our factory to not scrape the car. This reduces the ability of FRP to withstand pressure and is more prone to aging and deformation. On the other hand, internal filling will occur. Polyurethane leaks and affects the insulation of the car.

For the maintenance of the inner surface of the refrigerated vehicle, adjust the thermostat to do, do not make the inner surface freezing compartment, if the air humidity is relatively large, try to packaged refrigerated products, in particular fish, the package can be sealed to reduce the moisture Evaporation inside the cabin reduces the possibility of ice inside the refrigerated truck. If there is a layer of ice on the inner surface of the refrigerated truck, it must be removed with a de-icing shovel in time after each shipment to prevent the thickening of the ice layer. This not only affects the storage space of the car, but also increases the vehicle's storage capacity. Self-respect, increase fuel consumption. Internally, care should also be taken to avoid damage to the inner surface of sharp goods or containers.

Last but not least, I also mentioned the maintenance and maintenance of internal electrical equipment, because the electrical equipment of the refrigerator body is in a relatively high humidity and low temperature environment. To prevent the occurrence of various short-circuits caused by bare power cords, it is necessary to prevent unnecessary heat damage caused by alternating hot and cold lighting equipment.

Tonnage, road conditions, etc. of the cargo, considering the structure and carrying capacity of the chassis, fuel economy, emission standards, etc. Compared with the choice of ordinary truck chassis, refrigerated trucks also need to focus on the stability of the chassis, refrigerated trucks are generally transported goods can not be stored for a long time, even if there is refrigeration equipment, still need to reach the destination faster. At the same time, refrigerated goods have higher requirements for the transport environment. If there is a failure on the road, the goods will deteriorate and the loss will be very high.

The body of a refrigerated truck is different from an ordinary van, and it needs good sealing performance and heat insulation effect, so as to ensure that the refrigerated cargo is in a stable temperature environment.


Refrigerated truck compartment designed primarily tightness and insulation properties, generally refrigerated vehicle structure three-layer structure, the inner and outer skin composite material, such as glass plate, color steel, aluminum and other materials. The inner plate material should be made of different materials for transporting different goods. The most expensive inner material plate should be a stainless steel plate. The middle sandwich is a heat-insulating material, and polyurethane foam is mainly used. On the four sides, the glass plate and the polyurethane foam are bonded together with a high-strength adhesive to form a closed plate.

In addition to materials, the thickness of the cargo compartment also determines the effectiveness of the insulation. The thicker the insulation layer of the cargo compartment, the better the insulation effect. However, the space inside the cargo compartment will be reduced, and the load of the cargo will be reduced. Users need to follow their own actual conditions. Need to choose the appropriate thickness.

The restriction on the storage of traditional cold storage vehicles by refrigerated trucks is a great supplement, greatly optimizing the flexibility of cold storage development and developing new channels and space for the development of the cold storage industry. Therefore, while encouraging the promotion of the construction of cold storage, the government must also vigorously publicize the popularity of refrigerated trucks to make up for unnecessary losses caused by the long-distance turnover of goods.

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