From which aspects should communication command vehicle performance be evaluated?

The performance of the communication command vehicle is directly related to the effect of the use. If the performance is not good, then it will bring some inconvenience to disaster relief or military command. How should we examine the performance of a communications command vehicle? Take a look at the specific introduction.


First, the vehicle's communication capabilities. The strength of the communication function is the basic standard for evaluating a command vehicle, especially with the continuous improvement of the level of modern communication technology, which puts forward a higher standard for our communication command vehicle. The communication command vehicle must not only have basic communication functions, but also have powerful equipment system support, such as GPS positioning system, satellite communication system, and a variety of communication terminal equipment. The powerful and complete equipment is the basic requirement for the performance of the communications command vehicle, so that it can play a better role. The communication system and communication equipment of the communication command vehicle should be regularly upgraded so as to ensure that the vehicle can play a good role.

Second, the safety performance of the vehicle. The safety of the vehicle is also a very important aspect of sleep, especially for the communications command vehicles used in military operations command, not only to ensure the safety of communications, but also the safety of the vehicle itself is good enough. Anti-explosive, explosion-proof, anti-seismic and decompression functions must be possessed, and the responsibility for protecting the safety of personnel must be assumed at special times. Therefore, the safety of the vehicle should be of the highest level, so that the security of the communication equipment can be ensured in dangerous moments, which is very significant for ensuring the smooth and smooth communication. The safety of vehicles should be ensured from many aspects such as the construction of materials, the architectural design of the vehicles, and internal installations.

Third, the adaptation and stability of the vehicle. The use environment of the communication command vehicle is often in a relatively difficult place, so the communication command vehicle should have the nature of an off-road vehicle, and the stability and adaptability of the vehicle should be good enough so that it can deal with a complex command environment and be able to complete it better. Communication and command tasks.

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