Broad Group released new robot technology

January 21, Broad Group High-tech Promotion Conference and Bollinger intelligent high-tech robot new technology promotion was held in Beijing. The company introduced intelligent grinding robot new technologies: force, position hybrid control technology and offline programming technology. Robotic systems with new technology maximize the artificial grinding process, resulting in higher machined surface quality and precision. And to achieve high-precision grinding of large and complex castings.
It is understood that not long ago Bolin special announcement, the company has completed the change of business registration formalities, the Chinese name was officially changed to "Shenyang Broad Intelligent Industry Group Co., Ltd.", the securities referred to as "Bloomberg" changed to "Great Intelligence" .
Data show that the intelligent grinding robot technology developed independently, with independent intellectual property rights, master control systems and software algorithms and other core technologies. The main functions of the intelligent grinding robot include polishing, grinding, deburring, etc. At present, it is mainly used in the post-processing field of ship propulsion, aluminum alloy wheels and large castings, which can greatly improve the grinding precision and speed, realize artificial replacement and import substitution As well as special operations in extreme conditions. (Xiao Yu)

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