Heavy Pump Company Successfully Signed Jinchuan Group

Recently, the heavy pump company and Sichuan Jianan Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. successfully signed a hydraulic diaphragm pump for the laterite project of the Gansu Jinchuan Group Science and Technology Ministry.
The successful signing of the contract is the key to the heavy pump company's product quality. In 1999, the Chongqing Water Pump Factory Co., Ltd., a member of the China Quality Inspection Association, began an initial contact with the Jinchuan Group. Through more than 10 years of cooperation, the pumping equipment used by the heavy pump company in the Jinchuan Group has exceeded 100 units, and the operation is good. Therefore, the heavy pump company has an advantage in this project competition. However, this project is a national-level experimental project. The transmission medium is acidic slurry, which has strong corrosive and abrasion resistance and is technically difficult. Therefore, Jinchuan Group attaches great importance to it and chooses suppliers to be cautious. Although the heavy pump company's diaphragm pump has a better performance in Jinchuan, Jinchuan Group still requires each supplier to provide multiple use performances to conduct actual inspections and extensive investigations. The heavy pump company provided 4 sets of diaphragm pumps on the same base of Huayu Cobalt Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Province for users to inspect. Through visits to the site, the users were quite satisfied with the use conditions and laid a good foundation for the final signing.
The successful signing of the contract is a model of cooperation between the industry and the region. It truly embodies the true meaning of “high firepower for everyone”. The information of this project was obtained from Shenjing in Lanxin Area. The project uses factories and ordering manufacturers are different. The technology is handled by Jinchuan Group. The business is led by Sichuan Jinan and the two places are separated by a long distance. Considering the particularity of this project, the The Ministry of Metallurgy unified the command and coordination, making overall arrangements for technology and business, and making full use of the joint force of the industry and the region: the Ministry of Mining and Metallurgy is responsible for the preparation and inspection of the program. Lanxin Film Shen Jing assists in technical communication at the Jinchuan Group site, southwest Suao When negotiating business with the purchaser in Chengdu, the three parties attacked the same battle in different battlefields. People's hearts and minds, Taishan moved, through the efforts of the three parties, not only won the project, but also signed a contract of very high quality, for the heavy pump company to create a higher economic efficiency.
“How does a drop of water not work?” Takahashi replied: “Put this drop of water into the sea.” This brief dialogue tells us a profound truth, that is, the team can work together to show infinite power. It is hoped that the employees of the heavy pump company will also dissolve themselves into the sea of ​​heavy pumps to develop a better future!

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