Skills stickers: teach you how to drive a Chinese driver's license in the United States

Can a Chinese driver's license be rented in the United States? Many friends will ask this question, because traveling to the United States by car is very good, free and convenient. A Chinese driver’s license can be rented in the United States, but there are some things that must be noticed.
      1. Conditions for Chinese citizens to drive in the United States for a short time
For Chinese citizens to drive in the United States for a short time, they must first have a legitimate Chinese driver’s license, and secondly, they need the driver's own English notarial certificate for the driver’s license of the government’s notary office in China. In particular, if you encounter a traffic police check in the United States, you do not have a notary certificate. In addition, the other does not require any special conditions.
There are many people who say that they can get a car by directly taking a Chinese driver's license. This is because the new Chinese driver’s license is translated in English. However, this is not absolute, because the English translation of the driver's license above is incomplete. You may encounter problems when you mention the car. The company may refuse to recognize your English driver's license. At this time, your driver's license in English translation will work. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the notary office before you go abroad to get a copy of your English driver's license in case you need it. You can use it more than once after the notarization, until your license expires.
2, insurance issues
     As for insurance, in California, third-party liability insurance is mandatory, and some states are not. We recommend purchasing purchaseability and LossDamageWaiver (LDW). Although the insurance premium is almost the same as the rental car's basic fee, if you buy the two insurance, in the unlikely event that there will be any accident, you will not lose too much. Don't be unhappy with this accident if you have such an accident. As for protecting your own personal accident insurance, it depends on whether your travel insurance or weekday commercial insurance is included, and then decide whether it is necessary to spend the money.
3. What are the United States car rental companies?
      There are a lot of American car rental companies. For example, the large international company Hertz, Avis; medium-sized Alamo, National, Budget; online popular Thrifty, Dollar. You can choose the right company based on your needs. Among them, Hertz has the strongest strength, with outlets in more than 150 countries including the United States, Europe and Australia, and more than 7,800 car rental service points.
If you are renting a car in the United States for the first time, and if you are in trouble, it is still recommended to choose Hertz. Although relatively expensive, the condition and service are still good. You can book through an agency such as Expedia, hotwire, AAA, or directly on the American Car Rental Company website. It is also more popular to use Priceline to make affordable car rental. However, although Priceline can control the price, it cannot choose the car rental company.
      4, the choice of models
     The choice of models is generally that of Ford and Chrysler. There are also many modern cars in the economy. Economy, Compact, Mid-, Full-, Wagon, Van, and so on, different car classification prices and suitable number of riders are also different. In general, Mid- is the most mainstream model. Sometimes we have to rent a low-grade car and upgrade it to a premium car for free. In general, Mid-enough to use. As for cross-country, it depends on whether your travel route is necessary or not. It is not necessary to take a trip in the national park. Although the convertible pulled the wind, but the fuel consumption is indeed too exaggerated .

Duplex Filters


 Duplex filters, also called double-barrel return pipeline filters, are composed of two single-barrel filters and two six-way reversing valves, which have simple structure, easy to use, and with by-pass valve and filter core pollution clogging transmitter, in order to ensure the safety of the system.


The double-barrel filter is mainly installed on the return pipeline of the hydraulic system. Various kinds of dirt such as abrasive particles produced by various hydraulic components in the working process can be intercepted by setting the oil filter of the return pipeline to avoid returning to the fuel tank again. Inhaled again by a hydraulic pump. The allowable pressure difference of the oil filter in the return pipeline is 0.3 ~ 0.5mpa. according to the different pressure level. The accuracy is determined according to the oil contamination requirement. In the working process, when the filter core is clogged to a certain extent and the filter core needs to be cleaned or replaced, it is necessary to stop the mainframe operation to replace the filter element, which is not only a waste of time but also can not meet the needs of continuous operation of the main engine. The double-barrel filter can effectively solve the defect of single-barrel filter and can clean or replace the filter core without stopping to ensure the mainframe work normally and continuously. When one filter core is blocked and needs to be replaced, it is not necessary to stop the mainframe operation. Just open the pressure balance valve and turn on the reversing valve. The other filter can take part in the operation and then replace the blocked filter element


1. Metallurgy: used for filtration of rolling mill, continuous casting machine hydraulic system and various lubricating equipment.

2. Petrochemical: separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in refining and chemical production, filtration of oil well water and natural gas.

3. Textile: purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt during drawing, protection and filtration of air compressor, deoiling and dewatering of compressed gas.

4. electronics and pharmacy: reverse osmosis water, deionized water pre-treatment filtration, washing liquid and glucose pretreatment filtration.

5. Thermal power and nuclear power: gas turbine, boiler lubrication system, speed control system, bypass control system oil purification, feed water pump, fan and dust removal system purification.

6. Processing equipment: paper machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machine and large precision machinery lubrication system and compressed air purification, tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment filtering.

Product types:

SZU-A series Duplex oil return Line Filters

· SQU-A series Duplex oil return line filters

· SWU-A series Duplex oil return line filters

· SXU-A series Duplex oil return line filters

· SRLF series Duplex oil return line filters

· SRFB series Duplex tank mounted oil Return Filters

· SRFA Duplex tank mounted mini-type oil return filters

· SMF series Middle pressure line filters

· SLLF series Duplex lubricant filters

· SGF series  Duplex high pressure line filters

· SDRLF series Duplex high flow rate oil return line filters

Double switching filterdouble-barrel return pipeline filtersSZU-A series Duplex oil return line filters



Duplex Filters

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